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Star Advertiser: Hawaii’s Best 2017

Star Advertiser
June 2017

“In this special section, we proudly present this year’s collection of “Hawaii’s Best” awards — as chosen by you, the people. We thank all 500,000- plus of our loyal readers and especially those who took the time to vote. Your participation allows “Hawaii’s Best” to continue to be a prestigious accolade because the results are determined by your collective voice. It is a privilege for individuals, businesses and services to be recognized by their peers, and it is our pleasure to showcase them as the “cream of the crop” in 2017.” Read the article

Judy mentoring a business woman at Pacific Business News' #Bizwomen event

Pacific Business News’ #Bizwomen Mentoring Monday

Pacific Business News
April 4, 2017

“Yesterday, 44 ‘Mentors’ shared their business expertise with members of the community. The annual event is part of the nationwide Mentoring Monday program that saw similar presentations occurring in 43 U.S. cities, with 1,600 mentors and more than 9,000 attendees taking part in this year’s events. In Honolulu, Pacific Business News’ sponsors, including Judy Bishop, owner of staffing firm Bishop & Company, and Lisa Trumbull, senior director of admissions at Argosy University, will make opening remarks.” Read the article

Judy and Bishop & Company honored at WWMB as largest women-owned business

WWMB 2017 Largest Women-owned Employers

Pacific Business News
March 10, 2017

“This year, PBN is recognizing the 25 largest women-owned employers, ranked by number of employees, as part of Women Who Mean Business.” Read the article

Judy Bishop honored at Pacific Business News' 2017 Women Who Mean Business event

PBN’s 2017 WWMB Event: A Celebration of Hawaii’s Women Business Leaders

Pacific Business News
March 10, 2017

“Pacific Business News honored 55 Hawaii business leaders and influencers at the 2017 Women Who Mean Business awards ceremony during an event at The Modern Honolulu that featured a cocktail reception, a seated dinner with live music and an energetic crowd waving dinner napkins in support of their honorees.” Read the article

You have to split yourself article featuring Judy Bishop

You Have To Split Yourself: A Day in the Life of 3 Hawaii CEOs

Hawaii Business Magazine
December 2016

“When you’re the CEO, just about everything lands on your desk. That’s true in small and big businesses. CEOs are hand-holders, problem solvers, cheerleaders, admonishers, risk-takers and workaholics. They deal with financial complexity, human drama and enough email to sink a ship. They’ve learned how to protect their private time, and to know when something is an emergency and when it’s not. Luckily, the three CEOs we followed for a day also say they’re doing what they love.” Read the article

Bishop and Company, honored as one of the Top 250 Businesses in Hawaii

Hawaii Business Magazine: Top 250 Businesses in Hawaii

Hawaii Business Magazine
September 2016

“A guide to Hawaii’s Biggest Companies and Nonprofits.” Read the article

Judy Bishop as Guest Moderator at Wahine Forum 2016

Wahine Forum 2016: Build A Legacy Panel

Hawaii Business Magazine
September 2016

“It is never too late to create a legacy. Effective mentors leave behind impacts that go beyond a single organization and its people. Learn the skills of distinguished mentors in this community so you can help build the future you envision.” Read the article

Judy Bishop Article in Hawaii Business Magazine

5 Steps to Break Into the C-Suite

Hawaii Business Magazine
January 2016

“With the new year, many middle managers are setting their sights on the C-suite. The stable economy and low unemployment make for the right external conditions, but will you be up for the challenge? Executive recruiter Judy Bishop, founder of Bishop & Co., gives tips on reaching this lofty professional goal in 2016.” Read the article

HuffPost Hawaii

How to Interview: Hawaii’s Award-Winning Female Business Owners Share the Inside Scoop

HuffPost Hawaii
October 13, 2014

“Judy Bishop, president of staffing agency Bishop & Company, Inc. and recipient of the SBA’s Women in Business Champion award for 2011, says that to interview well you must do many things, including the following: In advance, know the job description, duties, responsibilities, and challenges involved with the position. If you do not know, ask the interviewer.” Read the article

Judy Bishop Interview with PBN

How I Started A Successful Staffing Firm In Honolulu At Age 60

Pacific Business News
September 12, 2014

“I first lived here for five years in the 1980s, running a staffing company, and then I jumped at the chance to go to Australia. It was fabulous. It was exciting to open new offices. It was the highlight of my career. It was wonderful, adventurous and challenging. I was then offered jobs in D.C., Buffalo and Detroit. I turned down all three jobs. I took a job in Hawaii for 18 months as head of operations in development.” Read the article

PBN's Women Who Mean Business Winning in Business event

PBN’s Women Who Mean Business Winning in Business event: Slideshow

Pacific Business News
September 5, 2014

“Bishop, whose staffing firm helps to place hundreds of people in jobs, notes that these days of low unemployment in Hawaii, “Companies don’t care about gender anymore. What they want is talent.” She advised people to approach the idea of mentors as if they were assembling a board directors, able to coach them on a wide range of skills.” Read the article

Top 250 Businesses in Honolulu

Hawaii Business Magazine’s Top 250 Businesses in Honolulu

Hawaii Business Magazine
August 6, 2014

Bishop & Company, Inc. is excited to announce that we made Hawaii Business Magazine’s TOP 250 Companies! See who else made the list

Hawaii Bizwomen mentors share their experience

Hawaii Bizwomen Mentors Share Their Experience: Slideshow And Video

BizWomen | The Business Journals
April 7, 2014

This is the second year PBN has organized a mentoring event for women, but this is the first year all 40 ACBJ markets participated. Hawaii sponsors include Bishop & Co. and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. This event is tied to a new website,, that serves as a platform for supporting women in business. Read the article

PBN’s Women Who Mean Business event: Slideshow

Finalist for Top Women Owned Company, Women Who Mean Business

Pacific Business News
December 16, 2013

Pacific Business News honored 35 business and nonprofit leaders and the owners of the top 25 women-owned businesses for the 2013 Women Who Mean Business event. “Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, left, whose Jenkins Eyecare was No. 17 on the list of women-owned businesses and Judy Bishop of Bishop & Co., which was the No. 3 women-owned business in Hawaii at PBN’s 2013 Women Who Mean Business event at The Royal Hawaiian hotel in Waikiki.” Read the article

Finalist BLH Best in Small Business and Business Leader of the Year

Finalist BLH Best in Small Business and Business Leader of the Year

Pacific Business News
November 2, 2012

Pacific Business News’ annual Business Leadership Hawaii event honored 35 businesses and business executives for their leadership, community involvement and innovation. Bishop & Company, Inc. was honored to be a finalist for the “Business Leadership Hawaii Best in Small Business” and we were especially proud of Judy, who was a finalist for “Business Leadership Hawaii American Savings Bank Business Leader of the Year” award. Read the article

Founders & Visionaries – Bishop & Company

Hawaii Business Magazine
December 2011

It takes a little a magic to succeed in the workplace today. Judy Bishop of Bishop & Company shares the story of how she’s kept her company thriving in these difficult economic times. For more Founders & Visionaries, visit the Hawaii Business Magazine.

Women in Business Champion Award winner

Bowers, Kubota get Hawaii’s Top SBA honor | Women in Business Champion Award Winner is Judy Bishop

Pacific Business News
March 24, 2011

“Brian Bowers and Dexter Kubota of the architectural/engineering firm Bowers + Kubota Consulting Inc. have won the 2011 SBA Small Business Person of the Year award for the state of Hawaii. The Women in Business Champion Award winner is Judy Bishop of Bishop and Co. on Oahu.” Read the article

Hawaii News Now | Job Link Now

Job Link Now: Bishop & Company

Hawaii News Now
October 4, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-Bishop & Company are looking for a few good people. All kinds of workers are need as Hawaii’s Economy starts to rebound. Read the article


Expert Edge

Pacific Edge Magazine
July – September 2010

Q: Considering the current challenging job market, what recommendations do you have for finding a job?
A: After recruiting for 40 years throughout the US, Austrailia, New Zealand and Asia with small and large organizations… See Article

Resume Tips

February 2010

Hawaii’s Businesswoman of the Year gives pointers on how to write a resume that gets results — and she should know. Judy Bishop owns Bishop & Company, a successful staffing firm with many satisfied clients who have used her services to find qualified job candidates!

Employment Agencies Advice

December 2009

Judy Bishop and Signe Godfrey explain how employment agencies work with job candidates, and why they may have positions to fill that are NOT being advertised or on Craigslist.

Judy Bishop, Wahine in Hawaii Business 2009: Personal Branding

Wahine Forum 2009
Hastings & Pleadwell, July 2009

Judy Bishop, panelist at Wahine in Hawaii Business, discusses personal branding providing tips such the importance of having a current photo and bio for promotional opportunities.

Judy Bishop, Wahine in Hawaii Business 2009: Personal Branding

Wahine Forum 2009
Hastings & Pleadwell, July 2009

Judy Bishop, panelist at Wahine in Hawaii Business, talks about maintaining a good credit score as a means of sustaining your personal brand. Judy Bishop owns Bishop & Company, a staffing company.

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